The Kardashian-Wests Wore Sweats for Their Christmas Card

The Kardashian-Wests Wore Sweats for Their Christmas Card

Curse the Kardashians for making groutfits cool. The injustice, given I've been rocking that shit for years. The billionaires took slob-chic to the next level for the annual Kardashian-West Christmas card, unveiled today online.

The card displays the couple's four impossibly adorable children swaddled in varying textures of heather gray. Kanye, however, was permitted to wear cream. This year marks seven-month-old Psalm's holiday debut. Just like his siblings, he's absurdly photogenic, dangling off Kim's knee cooing. It's a toss-up who's stealing the shot between him and Chicago, pigtailed, wide-eyed and clutching a cookie.

The immediate-family-only holiday card is a break in tradition: the full Kardashian-clan photos have become infamous. Last year saw all Kardashian sister-moms (sorry Kendall, when you deliver Kris a grandchild, you can be in a picture) in classic white, surrounded by their litter.

Do these children like living in a colorless home and dressing like wrestlers? Yes, actually. They all look pretty happy. Happy Friday, everyone go home and get comfy like a Kardashian.

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