Can Kanye Bring Back Malls?

Can Kanye Bring Back Malls?

by Kenna McCafferty

Kanye West has tried everything: Music, shoes, clothing and stem players (still not sure what those were), but now he’s embarking on his final frontier to bring it all under one roof. In a TMZ exclusive, the tabloid broke news that West and his legal team recently filed to trademark "YZYSPLY" for physical retail stores with online retail and delivery options.

The filing includes everything a Yeezy fan could ever want or need, from G-strings to socks and tennis wear. It does not, however, include the small loan fans will likely need to take out to buy all of the above. Perhaps financing will be West's next venture?

To the true Yeezy head, YZYSPLY is not entirely new. Yeezy Supply has been used by West in the past to sell limited-release shoes and clothing, but the latest trademark takes a step further into the retail world with the potential for real, physical stores. We’re imagining empty airplane hangars with one clothing item displayed at the center (ideally the G-string).

West still has a deal in place with GAP, which debuted its first collection in June, featuring the iconic trash bag-blue jacket and full face mask. The collaboration crashed GAP’s website as fans flocked to get their goods first.

Previously bound to sporadic drops and limited edition releases, a consistent one-stop-shop for all things Yeezy could dramatically change the relationship between West and his aficionados, though we doubt he’ll ever lose his cult-like following. That would’ve happened a few scandals ago, if their support were anything but unwavering.

Regardless, we're excited to see if and how this shapes up. Can Kanye reimagine the dying art of retail or usher in a full-blown mall revival? Time will tell.

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