That Pete Davidson Threat Track Is Even More Concerning in Video

That Pete Davidson Threat Track Is Even More Concerning in Video

by Myka Gayles-Greene

Just when we thought it was over, or at least on sabbatical, Ye's crusade against Pete Davidson takes on new form.

Forging on with his smear campaign against Davidson, Ye released his new music video for “Eazy,” featuring a frame with white words written on a black background reading: “EVERYONE LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER. EXCEPT SKETE YOU KNOW WHO.” Okay.

Also included in the video is a black and white still of a clay figure on top of a motorbike with another seen bound in rope to the back of the bike. For many Yeezy fans, this visual may feel reminiscent of the rapper's campy 2013 music video for “Bound 2” which sees Kim Kardashian and the rapper riding a motorcycle together in front of a sunset backdrop. Where that video showcased the prospering love between the then-couple metaphorically riding off into the sunset, “Eazy” presents the exact opposite with an insinuation of violence towards Kardashian's new boyfriend.

The video comes shortly after Kardashian and Ye's official divorce proceedings which declared the former officially single. Ye appears to not have taken the separation well, with an array of shade being thrown towards “Skete” (Pete) and Kim’s parenting.

The divorce has proven to be a pretty messy ordeal, with Ye bringing their children into the conversation and releasing private text messages, while Kardashian claims the nearly year-long divorce battle has caused her significant “emotional distress," noting her ex's obsession with her current relationship. While many believe Ye's actions to be correlated with his Donda 2 promotion, the line between the artist’s art and personal life has always been nonexistent.

What is a normal day in 2022 without mention of Kanye West’s controversies? He said it best: “I guess we’ll never know.”

Photo via Getty/ Dimitrios Kambouris