Kanye West Sells 'Church Clothes' at a Steep Price

Kanye West Sells 'Church Clothes' at a Steep Price

It's Easter, and Kanye West brought the church to Coachella. But of course, if Yeezy hosts a service for the people of God, he expects everyone to be in their Sunday best — Sunday Service sweats and socks.

On weekend two of Coachella 2019, Kanye not only brought his choir and his fam to "The Mountain" for worship, he also brought some merch with him. This includes sweaters that read "Holy Spirit" on the front and "Sunday Service The Mountain" on the back. And the price tag on these shirts are unbelievable. The white cotton versions cost $165, while the dip-dyed maroon/pink-ish ones are going for $225. There are also matching "Sunday Service" sweatpants. "Trust God" tees cost $70, while socks that read "Jesus Walks" and "Church Socks" cost $50.

Still, these prices didn't stop people from swarming the "Church Clothes" booth.

However, many people are also commenting negatively about the quality of this new merchandise from Yeezy, and comparing it to his usual concert apparel. One user went as far as to say, "One day we're gonna talk about how Kanye wants to be taken seriously as a designer but continually makes clothes with no artistic value and relies heavily on his name to sell overpriced merch."

But, TBH, would consider shelling out $50 for those "Jesus Walks" socks. Maybe.

Photo via Twitter