Kamala Harris Stumped Brett Kavanaugh With One Abortion Question

Kamala Harris Stumped Brett Kavanaugh With One Abortion Question

It's the third day of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, and the judge's stance on abortion is coming under heavy scrutiny.

The New York Times has obtained a series of emails written during Kavanaugh's tenure as a White House aide during the Bush administration that show he once argued the Supreme Court could foreseeably overrule Roe v Wade. (There was also the time he ruled against an undocumented teenager seeking an abortion). There's concern that even if Kavanaugh accepts Roe as legal precedent, as Supreme Court Justice he might seek to more strictly regulate abortion services and therefore limit access to them.

Late last night, Californian senator Kamala Harris — called "the female Barack Obama" by some — didn't hold back in her questioning of Kavanaugh. There was one clever line in particular that threw him: did Kavanaugh know of any laws "that the government has power to make over the male body?"

Kavanaugh struggled to come up with a response. After a super awkward pause, he admitted he couldn't think of any "right now."

By drawing a comparison between governmental regulation of the male and female body, Harris found a new take on a decades old argument. Sometimes you've got to take victories where you can find them.

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