Subverted Proportions and Elevated Hats at JW Anderson

Subverted Proportions and Elevated Hats at JW Anderson

For fall 2019, Jonathan Anderson was thinking about the exploration of volume and proportions along with contradictory fabrics. Draped jersey, for example, was paired with sturdy tailored pieces and structural baseball hats that seemed to levitate off models' heads. Here's everything else you need to know about the collection.

Value in Volume

Some of the most standout pieces of the collection were two tops rendered in exaggerated couture-like silhouettes. With sky high shoulders, each one (one in back and the other in windowpane print) commanded space and manipulated the silhouette of the female form.

The Return of the Bubble Hem

It's rare we see a covetable bubble hem. But JW Anderson was able to make the well loved shape of the early 2000s feel modern again in great suiting material and in olive green polka dot print.

Belt It

The majority of the collection was belted with thick black belts with simple silver hardware. Styled over blazers, dresses and even chunky sweaters, they redefined the shapes within the collection and added a new form of structure.

The Beauty of Excess

This was clearly a collection about excess, in a manageable, wearable way. The shoes, for example, has tulle trailing off them. Elsewhere, there was looped colorful chiffon woven through hemlines and holes lining the edges of fabric. Everywhere you looked, there were excess textiles.

The Wider the Better

What grounded the show and held it all together were the voluminous shapes. Most notably, JW Anderson sent models down the runway wearing wide leg swishy trousers that looked both easy to move in and comfortable. Ranging from khaki shades to classic black, they just may have been the most revolutionary thing about the collection.

Photography: Sonny Vandevelde


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