Have Justin and Hailey Settled on a Wedding Date?

Have Justin and Hailey Settled on a Wedding Date?

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin: young, in love, and indecisive. Our favorite couple, who rushed to the altar last year in order to start having some good Christian sex, have long been hinting that they'll throw a lavish religious ceremony to make up for those quickie Town Hall nuptials. But they keep delaying the date.

Now it seems like they've made up their minds, after reportedly sending out then retracting no less than three different save the date invitations then putting off the whole thing indefinitely due to concerns about Bieber's mental health. An US Weeklysource says we could be seeing wedding photos in September 2019 — let's hope for a Diplo livestream, too.

Hailey and Justin both recently started wearing wedding bands in public, so don't doubt their commitment to each other. The couple are reportedly choosing to focus on Bieber's treatment for depression first and foremost, and the second wedding will happen when he feels ready.

So what could a Bieber-Baldwin wedding look like? We're predicting something extravagant, celeb-studded, and stylish. Both Hailey and Justin are known for their love of fashion — Justin has his own streetwear line, and Hailey not-so-subtly hinted that Virgil Abloh will design her wedding dress during that 73 Questions Vogue interview.

Can't wait for September! Thankfully the long lead means there's still plenty of time for PAPER's invite to arrive.

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