You Too Can Smell Like Justin Bieber's Armpits

You Too Can Smell Like Justin Bieber's Armpits

Here's one thing you thought you'd never hear: Justin Bieber is launching his own deodorant. The "I Don't Care" singer made the announcement earlier today.

The completely natural, vegan and cruelty free deodorant will be part of a partnership with natural personal care brand, Schmidts and is due to release this fall.

Called Here + Now, the scent and the label artwork has been personally designed by Bieber and will only feature plant-based ingredients.

"The time was right to make something happen and bring to life an exclusive product collaboration that will bring new fans into the naturals category," Schmidt's CEO and co-founder Michael Cammarata told People. "If Justin can make the switch from conventional to natural, it's a choice that's open to everyone."

He also went on to explain the inspiration behind the collaboration.

"It's more than just a deodorant; it's a lifestyle and a connection to those around you," he said. "It's about the small, but intentional choices we make every day that help us to lead happier and healthier lives, mentally and physically. We want to inspire a conversation around health, wellness and optimism for the future. It's a means to talk about the issues that we all face day to day and how we can support each other in our collective journey to live our best lives."

Interestingly, it seems the collaboration has been months in the making. In a 2018 interview with PopSugar, model Hailey Bieber, who is married to the musician, talked about how important "the way a guy smells is," potentially hinting at his involvement in scents.

"A guy's scent is so important," she said. "That smell — it's what makes you miss them when you're away from them. I honestly don't know what my fiancé wears, but whatever it is, it's working."

The model herself has long been a proponent of "clean beauty" and most recently seen as the face of BareMinerals. Earlier this year, she also filed for a trademark under "Bieber Beauty" with the intent of selling her own line of beauty products.

Looks like we might be in for two separate fragrances from the Bieber family.

Photo via Instagram