Julia Fox Hosted an Erotica Reading Party With YouPorn

Julia Fox Hosted an Erotica Reading Party With YouPorn

Story by Mario Abad / Photography by Mark Hunter, The Cobrasnake

Nothing like a party thrown by a porn site at a trendy bar to have jaded New Yorkers loosen up on a Tuesday night.

At hotspot Paul's Baby Grand, YouPorn hosted a cocktail (more indie-sleaze than posh, as The Cobrasnake's photos of the night show) with Julia Fox, Richie Shazam and Leah McSweeney. They were celebrating the latest addition to ranks of erotica authors, A'Ziah “Zola” King, whose work the three hosts (and Zola) did live-readings of.

The short stories told the tale of a woman experimenting with an open married couple at a bar: "I took off my top and began dancing in the middle of the room," Fox read out loud. "The wife sat on the plush red couch, and the husband sat on the black across from her. I undressed in the middle of the room until I was in nothing but my 8-inch heels."

All of the passages followed this titillating path. Take this one that was read by McSweeney: "She started massaging my boobs and gently playing with my nipples," it said. "I wanted more but I followed her lead. I was sitting in her lap with my head resting on her neck, taking in her scent and the warmth of her skin." And yes, it gets more graphic.

I'm sure it got many people in the mood afterward —some guests were biting each other's necks and locking lips with each other for the rest of the evening — which is about as on brand as one can be at this type of thing. Good for them!