Julia Fox Sparks Debate After TikTok 'Mascara' Misunderstanding

Julia Fox Sparks Debate After TikTok 'Mascara' Misunderstanding

Julia Fox is facing major backlash for misunderstanding a video about sexual assault, though some think the internet should be a little more forgiving.

Recently, TikTok users have been using the code word "mascara" in order to describe sex or a penis without triggering the app's censorship algorithm. But even though the term's gone viral, the Uncut Gems star was obviously unaware of its meaning as of Thursday evening, as evidenced by her nonchalant response to video posted by a male survivor.

Underneath a TikTok about two women trying his "mascara" without his consent, Fox wrote that she didn't "feel bad for you lol," which led many to accuse her of minimizing his experience and the fact that men can also be sexually assaulted, especially since he included the hashtags "#saawareness #foryoupage #menspeakup."

Not only that, but the creator of the video responded to her remark by putting things in stark terms via a since-deleted comment, where he asked Fox why she didn't "feel bad that I was sexually assaulted." As such, Fox returned to the video in order to apologize, explaining that she "really thought u were talking about mascara like as in make up."

"I’m sorry that happened to u,” she continued, prior to following up with another comment about not being "on the side of TikTok that was doing this trend and I thought u were talking about getting ur make up stolen!!!!"

Fox added, "I’m sorry babe I hope ur ok.”

However, her apology has been met with some scrutiny from those who said she knew what "mascara" meant, with one Twitter user claiming that "julia fox is a pos for this cause from what i've gathered, he's explained it, it's been up for days, and she's deleting comments about it from her videos (allegedly)."

Even so, Fox has also had her fair share of defenders, including people who accepted her explanation as well as social media star Matt Bernstein, who said it can be hard to keep up with "algospeak."

"part of the problem with tiktok censorship is that users are making up so many code words to describe serious topics that nobody ever knows what the hell anyone is actually talking about," as he noted. That said, Fox has yet to comment on the debate.

Photo via Getty / Astrid Stawiarz