Jonah Hill Explores the Awkwardness of Youth in New Zine

Jonah Hill Explores the Awkwardness of Youth in New Zine

Growing up is hard; nobody tells you that because we've all tried our best to repress various traumas and internalized the ritualistic ridicule from our peers who were just as scared, but its painfully true. Growing up is about finding out your identity and trying different things until you find the right one. This process is messy, awkward, and looking back at it is often cringier than we'd willingly admit but in the end we accept it because it made us the person we are today. Now imagine coping with all of that and multiply it by the added scrutiny and hyper-visibility of being a movie star.

"I became famous in my late teens and then spent most of my young adult life listening to people say I was fat and gross and unattractive," writes actor and director Jonah Hill in the preface to his newly curated zine, INNER CHILDREN. A companion publication put together in conjunction with A24, ahead of Hill's directorial debut Mid90s, the zine focuses on the artifacts of growing up.

Tapping friends, colleagues, and heroes for the zine, Hill asked each interviewee to recount their experiences with insecurities and self-love by asking them to recount a "snapshot" of their lives. Including Michael Cera, Edie Falco, Kim Gordon, Q-Tip, his own sister Beanie Feldstein, Kathryn Hahn, Raymond Pettibon, and more Hill writes that the experience "turned into some of the most meaningful conversations I've ever had."

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You can grab a copy of INNER CHILDREN later this week and see Jonah Hill's writing and directing debut, Mid90s, when it hits theaters October 19th.

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