J.Lo to America: 'Let's Get Loud!'

J.Lo to America: 'Let's Get Loud!'

To quote Senator Amy Klobuchar, "Well, that was great." Following the Inauguration of Vice President Kamala Harris today, Jennifer Lopez took to the podium to perform — and there was just a lot going on.

Wearing a shimmering all white pantsuit and coat made up of pieces from Chanel's Fall 2019 and 2020 ready-to-wear ("not couture?") collection, J.Lo sang a version of "This Land Is Your Land," which then turned into "America the Beautiful," which then became a Spanish recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. She then threw in a little bit of her 1999 hit single, "Let's Get Loud," just for good measure.

In an Inauguration that's already given us cozy Bernie and Lady Gaga serving Mockingjay teas, J.Lo sufficiently upped the ante with her performance. Its whiplash-inducing escalation, swinging into an over-the-top, borderline camp crescendo is, as it turns out, just what we needed from J.Lo. It was just enough for us to collectively perk up, right before we let our eyes glaze over as a US President, for the first time in four years, spoke in complete and coherent sentences again.

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