Jennifer Hudson Is Getting Her Own Talk Show

Jennifer Hudson Is Getting Her Own Talk Show

Jennifer Hudson is getting her own daytime TV talk show, The Jennifer Hudson Show, and becomes the second American Idolcontestant to do so. Maybe the singing competition should pivot to auditioning hosts for TV.

With The Ellen Degeneres Show coming to an end after 19 seasons, Fox is looking for some new blood to shake up the network. It’s found it in Hudson, whose new show is being positioned as a flagship daytime talk show.

The show, shot on DeGeneres' stage and produced by Telepictures, the same company as Ellen, arrives at Fox after being shopped to other station groups. In the end, Fox took home the trophy. It was first announced back in November, so it took a couple of months to find its home, but now it’s set to finally arrive this fall.

"I have experienced so much in my life; I’ve seen the highest of the highs, the lowest of the lows, and just about everything in between, but as my mother always told me, 'Once you think you’ve seen it all, just keep on living,'" Hudson said in a statement. "People from around the world have been a part of my journey from the beginning — 20 years ago — and I’m so ready to join their journey as we sit down and talk about the things that inspire and move us all."

She continued, "I have always loved people, and I cannot wait to connect on a deeper level and let audiences see the different sides of who I am, the human being, in return. And I couldn’t be more thrilled to do it alongside this incredible team. We’re about to have a lot of fun and shake things up a little bit!"

Hudson’s show follows American Idol’s Kelly Clarkson, who kicked off the The Kelly Clarkson Show back in 2019. Hudson competed in the third season of American Idol and Clarkson competed, and won, in the first.

In addition to having multiple gold albums under her belt, Hudson’s been heavily involved in Hollywood. She’s appeared in films like The Color Purple, Cats and Respect, the last of which she played legendary singer Aretha Franklin and contributed vocals to the film.

Her performance led to her winning multiple awards, including the Chairman's Award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival and also a nomination for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role. Last year, she won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Interactive Media for a Daytime Program for her work as an executive producer for Baba Yaga.

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