Jeffree Star Got a Bro Makeover From the Dolan Twins
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Jeffree Star Got a Bro Makeover From the Dolan Twins

You might've thought that Jeffree Star would never step foot inside a gym while wearing a muscle tank and shorts, instead opting for a life of rhinestoned luxury and frosting-eating, but in his new video with the Dolan Twins, he's ready to prove you dead wrong. The scale has truly been tipped from doing fierce makeup and wearing Gucci tracksuits to becoming your local high school quarterback on his way to the gym — in a Jeep, no less!

Remember when Shane Dawson became Trisha Paytas for a day, pink jumpsuit and all, and absolute madness ensued for both? Welcome to part two of that journey, instead Star has joined the Dolan family as a new brother. While wearing a muscle tee, cropped wig, and a very strong brow look, Star takes on the daily tasks of being the bro-iest bro who ever could bro.

The trio goes to the gym and pounds back a few C4 preworkout drinks like they're brewskis, bench presses and flex throughout, and eat bodybuilder-approved meals of plain grilled chicken breast "for the gains." Then, they go out for some dairy-free ice cream at the mall. What a day!

Photo via YouTube