Jeffree Star's Post About His New Boyfriend Is Dividing the Internet

Jeffree Star's Post About His New Boyfriend Is Dividing the Internet

Jeffree Star had the rumor mill buzzing this past weekend thanks to his new photo featuring a mystery man.

On Saturday, the controversial beauty vlogger — who broke up with long-term partner Nathan Schwandt in January — took to his Instagram to caption a pic of himself straddling his new beau, "Thankful for all the blessings God has brought into my life this year."

And while Star's body obscured his unnamed suitor's face, it didn't take long for eagle-eyed fans to start scouring the internet for people with similar arm tattoos — something that's now led them to allege that his potential new boyfriend is none other than basketball player Andre Marhold, per Just Jared.

That said, in addition to being accused of "tokenizing" fellow beauty influencer Kameron Lester earlier this year, Star has continually been accused of racism thanks to his documented use of anti-Black slurs. Needless to say, given his problematic past, reactions to his latest post have been mixed to say the least.

Though some encouraged people to stop "judging them," many called Star out for using his new beau as "PR damage control."

Similarly, others alleged that he was using him to "convince the internet he's not racist." Meanwhile, a few also pushed back on the notion that internet sleuths were responsible for outing Marhold — instead arguing that Star was the one to blame.

Star has yet to respond. In the meantime though, you can see what else people are saying about his new boyfriend, below.

Photo via YouTube / @JeffreeStar