Jasmine Infiniti Doles Out a 'Bxtch Släp'

Jasmine Infiniti Doles Out a 'Bxtch Släp'

The Queen of Hell has returned to take you on a journey of dark delights and tempting terrors as you're whisked into the night. Brooklyn-based DJ/producer Jasmine Infiniti unleashes today her debut album, Bxtch Släp, and it's making us miss those IRL nights spent in fogged out back rooms, grinding against a group of sweaty strangers with flashing strobes.

A member of the House of Inifiniti and leader of the New World Dysorder collective, Jasmine has long been a staple of Brooklyn's queer nightlife scene. As a regular at Bossa Nova Civic Club, she's held down countless dance floors with her own aggressive blend of ballroom-influenced house and industrial techno.

Following the hypnotic rhythms of her 2018 EP, Sis, released on Club Chai, Bxtch Släp is a bit more in-your-face. It's full of relentless techno thumpers and speaker-knocking house heaters, all decorated with crystalline synths and shrouded in a looming sense of dread. From the swirling back-alley Ibiza melodies of "SPOOKED" to cyberpunk war path carved out by "Hott," Jasmine weaves sinister ambiance with ruthless rave rhythms, like the bastard demon child of Burial and Mall Grab.

Jasmine's years of experience cutting her teeth in clubs across the country clearly comes through, as the album's sometimes 8 to 10-minute tracks effortlessly ebb and flow like it's attuned to the energy of a crowded room. "I've been working on this project for the past two years, since I've begun to learn more about production," Jasmine says. "It's a culmination of a lot of things for me — the soundtrack to the apocalypse."

Jasmine Infiniti's debut album, Bxtch Släp, is out today via New World Dysorder across all platforms. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter for all the latest, and purchase the project on Bandcamp.

Photo courtesy of Jasmine Infiniti


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