The Empty Streets in Jamie xx's New Video Are Very 2020

The Empty Streets in Jamie xx's New Video Are Very 2020

by Marissa Matozzo

From its dominating percussion to its diced vocal samples, "Idontknow" by Jamie xx has been a nightclub favorite since its release via Young Turks last month and even before then, making appearances in his radio shows and gaining co-signs from famed DJs ranging from Four Tet to Caribou.

Today, the xx member releases the alluring visual for "Idontknow," choreographed by Irish dancer and choreographer Oona Doherty. Doherty is seen making a failed phone call in a telephone booth as the opening scene begins, which prompts her to dance across dimly lit paths and sidewalks.

Throughout, Doherty wanders through empty Belfast streets, stopping occasionally check her phone, which ultimately sends her into another fit of uncontrollable movement. It's as if to say technology makes us all the more isolated, and it tests how far we will go to feel something again.

In a recent Instagram post, Jamie xx revealed that "Idontknow" came from a period in which he was experiencing possibly the worst situation for an artist — writer's block.

"I made 'Idontknow' as an outlet for my frustration over not being able to finish any music for a while," he explains, "I tried to be less precious with my ideas and just let go."

Stream "Idontknow" here and watch the video preview below:

Photo via Instagram/ Courtesy of Jamie xx