Twitter Calls Out James Franco's Shady Past in Wake of Time's Up

Twitter Calls Out James Franco's Shady Past in Wake of Time's Up

During the Golden Globes, scores of women in Hollywood dressed in black to show solidarity with sexual assault survivors, in addition to speaking praise to the Time's Up movement, which is putting the axe on abuse of power in entertainment. Many men similarly wore black, in addition to donning Time's Up pins.

One such man was James Franco, who won the Globe for Best Actor for his role in The Disaster Artist, the remake of cult so-bad-it's-good 2003 film The Room. Alongside the Globe's broadcast, another conversation was happening on social media. Breakfast Club actress Ally Sheedy said in a series of now-deleted tweets, "James Franco just won. Please never ask me why I left the film/TV business." (Franco directed Sheedy in an Off Broadway production of The Long Shrift in 2014, but she hasn't furthered clarified her comments).

Others went on to reference the time that same year that Franco tried to meet up with a 17-year-old girl on Instagram after meeting her outside his Broadway show Of Mice and Men, offering to rent a room in an exchange the teen published online. Franco apologized for his actions on Live With Kelly and Michael, saying he was "embarrassed" and that "social media is tricky."

There's more, though. Since the Globe's broadcast, women have continued to come forward with their own stories and comments about Franco:

Franco has already been criticized for blocking Tommy Wiseau, whose life and work The Disaster Artist was about, from speaking after bringing him up on stage at the Globes. Not a great day to be a Franco fan.

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