10 Jackets For Your Freezing Summer Office

10 Jackets For Your Freezing Summer Office

As a conveniently located AC vent inside of PAPER's Manhattan office furiously pummels my desk with frigid air, I've come to realize that the coldest winters befall summer offices. While frantic arm rubbing and covert adjustments to the thermostat may bring temporary relief, there's only one permanent solution for icy work spaces—a lightweight jacket svelte enough to tuck into your desk-side drawer.

From breathable cotton poplin jackets and belted wraps for brisk spaces to heavier bombers and denim jackets for frostier conditions, enlist one of these versatile, blue, black, and cream pieces to shield you against the summer office chills.

COS Boxy Stripped Jacket, $125; COS.com

Photo via Youtube / Product Images Courtesy of Brands