Instagram Now Lets You Mute the Friends You Want to Ignore

Instagram Now Lets You Mute the Friends You Want to Ignore

Do you find yourself frequently infuriated by that-person-you-know-kind-of-professionally-and-might-need-in-the-future's 10+ bikini photos posted everyday since they arrived in Cancun? Unfollowing is too awkward and way too final, but what if there was another way? It's the moment we've all been waiting for: Instagram is helping us save our friendships, and follow counts.

Years after Facebook instigated the unfollow button, Instagram has introduced the "mute" button to let you freshen your feed without having to unfollow anyone who would certainly be offended. While it took a real minute for Instagram to create the feature (in their defense, they never let your unfollowee know you'd let them go), but many users have external apps updating them (not to mention you can search names in your follow list).

Here's how you do it: click on the three dots next to their name and choose whether you wish to mute your followee's posts or posts and story. It's that easy.

You will still be able to interact with this person via the app (you know, direct message them, tag them and vice versa), but you will no longer see their updates in their feed. If you curiosity does get the better of you, you can go onto their page to see their latest posts. Win win, and life-changing.

Image via Instagram