Prove Your Talent to Mike Thornwell on PAPER's 'The IG Factor'
It's Nice to Laugh

Prove Your Talent to Mike Thornwell on PAPER's 'The IG Factor'

It seems every person on the planet has been exhausting Instagram Live, mostly because there's literally nothing else to do... and we're all craving that addictive mix of human connection and constant validation more than ever. Throughout PAPER's month-long series, It's Nice to Laugh, which focuses on humor amidst all this chaos, we'll attempt to fill your Lives with something actually enjoyable — and hopefully a little funny!

This May, we'll be booking all your favorite comedians alongside rising names to appear on regular Instagram Lives that offer respite in the form of hilariously personal stories and relatable venting sessions about the state of the world. We'll also be looking for the next big stars on a talent show hosted by Mike Thornwell. Check out the full It's Nice to Laugh Instagram schedule, below, mark your open calendars and stay tuned for some surprises.

Funny Story is a month-long platform for rising comedians to prove their talent and meet a new audience on PAPER's Instagram Live. The comedian in question will interrupt the daily routine of scroll, close and repeat that IG users suffer through by cutting in and telling a funny story or two. In lieu of traditional laughter from live, physical audiences, viewers can comment to weigh in on the comedian's set every Tuesday at 7 PM EST throughout May.

Every Thursday in May at 7 PM EST, the hilarious Mike Thornwell will go live on PAPER's Instagram to host The IG Factor, a weekly show that invites people to perform any talent or skill they might possess. Thornwell will, of course, critique their performance in front of a live audience. Who knows? You could Break the Internet or even be PAPER's next cover star.

Hosted by a different comedian every Sunday at 2 PM EST, Eggsistential Crisis is the ultimate vibe check on Instagram Live, where the host will drink, talk shit and reflect on the highs and lows of the week with PAPER's audience. With the ability to call in guests (who will ideally be drinking too), this series acts as a way to keep boozy brunch alive in a world where being wasted at overpriced restaurants is impossible, right now.

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