HYBE Opens New Music Museum

HYBE Opens New Music Museum

South Korean music company HYBE — the label behind K-Pop group BTS — just opened a new major cultural complex on Friday.

The HYBE INSIGHT, located at the basement of HYBE headquarters, is a two-floor 4,701㎡ space designed for artists and fans to meet through music. The second basement floor is an exhibition space dedicated to three main themes: "Innovative Sound," "Dynamic Movement" and "Inspiring Story." It's meant to display the beauty of music, lyrics, and dance through the stories and work of HYBE's producers and artists.

The first floor is a sensory experience that lets visitors feel music through sight, smell and touch. The "Ways of Listening" uses braille sheet music, aromas and neon lights to stimulate imaginations. "Faces of Music" shows portraits of artists that reveal their inner selves. "Resonance" uses two contrasting spaces to interpret the resonance of sound. And "Music is My Life" shows interviews of artists who tell their sincere stories about the power of music.

But the highlight of the entire museum is "HYBE Music" — an 8.5 meter-tall trophy wall and a large screen that highlights the paths and accomplishments made through the efforts of HYBE and its artists.

See photos of the museum, below.

Photos courtesy of HYBE