If you were anywhere near Twitter this weekend, you probably saw a bunch of people talking about "How It Started Vs. How It's Going."

In the past few days, the format took Twitter by storm thanks to its versatility, which made it easy to share everything from self-improvement side-by-sides to jokes about the current state of the world.

And while several different phrasings are currently floating around, the general idea — which is basically a new twist on the classic Before vs. After format — has stayed the same.

Granted, according to Know Your Meme, the format itself was initially kick-started by Twitter user @vjillanelles — who juxtaposed a screenshot of a DM conversation with a current image of her and her partner embracing alongside the phrase — and continued to gain steam as a way for users to share cute relationship photos.

Since then though, people have been applying it to heartwarming viral stories, pop culture moments, glow-ups, and more. And while there are hundreds of these tweets now, check out a few of our favorite "How It Started Vs. How's It's Going" memes, below.

Photo via Twitter/ @xolei3

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