Here Are Your 2018 Webby Award Winners

Here Are Your 2018 Webby Award Winners

It's 2018, and the internet is in full swing. Where would we be without the World Wide Web? Well, we certainly wouldn't have access to hilarious viral videos, conspiracy theories, makeup tutorials, or any other web thing that make us laugh. And, according to the rules of the internet, if it exists, there is content about it — and lots of Twitter posts. The Webby Awards pay tribute to the sites that take this whole internet thing to a new level; creating compelling work that makes us want to click their work over and over. Tonight, PAPER Magazine and the Webby Awards recognize those who use the internet in masterful ways. Check out the slideshow to meet the winners, and see they are beloved on the Information Superhighway.

Adam Rapoport, David Chang (Webby Special Achievement Award winner)

David-Michel Davies (CEO, Webbys Media Group)

Susan Fowler (Webby Person of the Year) and Kara Swisher (Executive Editor, re/code)

Isaiah Thomas

Davis Najdecki

Damien Scott, Sean Evans

Justin Durazzo, Winslowe Porter III

Phil Davis, Bill Dunford

Jesse Williams (Webby Special Achievement winner)

Andy Weekes

Rob Rothfarb

Phoebe Tooke

Madison Utendahl

Whitney Dangerfield, Brian Reed, Neil Drumming

Dylan Marron

Steve Buscemi, Adam Sandler (Webby Special Achievement winner)

Laura Linney (Webby Best Actress)

David Chang (Webby Special Achievement winner)

John Barnitt, Naomi Wadler, Cameron Kasky, March for Our Lives Movement (Webby Special Moment)

Deray McKesson

Mitchell Baker (Webby Lifetime Achievement winner)

Steven Soderbergh (Webby Film & Video Person of the Year)

Gary Knell (National Geographic CEO, Webby Media Agency of the Year winner)

Dewayne Perkins

Chris Long (Webby Athlete of the Year)

Vincente Fox, former President of Mexico

Dominique Fishback

David Rolfe, Greg Hahn, Jayme Blasko (BBDO, Webby Ad Agency of the Year)

Andrew Yates, Brian Peters

Liz Plank

Jimmy O. Yang

Annie Johnston, Tal Wagman

Aaron Royer, Benjamin Vendramin

Billy King

FKA twigs (Webby Special Achievement winner)

David Harbour (Webby Best Actor)

Amber Ruffin (Webby Awards host)

(Photo by James Hartley/The Webby Awards)