Fans Beg Harry Styles to 'Wear a Mask' After He Used a Bandana

Fans Beg Harry Styles to 'Wear a Mask' After He Used a Bandana

Fans are begging Harry Styles to "wear a mask" after he was spotted wearing a bandana instead.

On Wednesday, the star was photographed in the loose face covering while out on a walk with some friends and rumored girlfriend, Olivia Wilde. However, given that the CDC recommends wearing a snug, fitted mask that completely covers your nose and mouth, it didn't take long for fans to voice their disappointment and get the phrase "Harry wear a mask" trending on Twitter.

"Harry is being so irresponsible & selfish rn. i'm so disappointed," as one person wrote. "When he is wearing a mask it's a bandana which isn't very effective at all & he isn't socially distancing. The hospitals in LA are struggling to cope & he is out here doing this."

"Harry wears a scarf as a mask. This isn't enough protection. Don't be like Harry. Wear a mask!," another person added. "Love you Harry but please wear a proper mask."

Meanwhile, others pointed out that he couldn't sell a shirt encouraging people to "Stay Home. Stay Safe. Protect Each Other," if he wasn't following the recommendations himself, with one fan explaining, "Harry you can't preach staying home and wearing a correct mask if you are not doing the same."

"Millions of people are dying around the world and many ppl look up to you. Set a correct example!!," they continued. "I love you but this is irresponsable [sic] HARRY WEAR A MASK."

Styles has yet to address the criticism. In the meantime though, you can see what people are saying, below.

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