'Harry's House' Came to Fans' Homes for Latest Music Video

'Harry's House' Came to Fans' Homes for Latest Music Video

by Kenna McCafferty

Harry Styles swapped out Harry’s House for a fan’s apartment in his newest music video for “Daylight.” The music video, which doubled as a skit on The Late Late Show With James Corden is a playful house party characteristic of Styles’ visual landscape, though this time, through the lens of James Corden.

On Thursday night’s episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden the two Englishmen in New York set out to film the video with $300 and three hours to spare. With no location, concept, or directorial experience, Corden embarks on the American Dream to make something of nothing.

After a few failed attempts at securing a location, the two find a four-bedroom split in Brooklyn with great lighting, a bath and hardwood floors — in this market?! — to film in. As an added bonus, it just so happens that one of the residents of said apartment is an absolute Styles stan. There may not be any hard evidence to support that every one in four people in Brooklyn is obsessed with Harry Styles, but, anecdotally, it tracks.

This particular fan had Harry Styles collages, One Direction paraphernalia and even some fandom crossovers with a print of Harry Styles as Harry Potter. They then raided another roommate’s closet, picking up a sparking bowler hat and a comically large bow-tie to add to Styles’ look.

The music video includes an impromptu party, a roof scene we hope the landlord won’t see, Styles (unfortunately) fully clothed in a bathtub and Corden (unfortunately) in a green morph suit. The two even made a tongue-in-cheek reference to recent Mick Jagger comparisons made about Harry Styles.

With most of the budget blown on $50 worth of pizza, the video came out surprisingly well, and we have to wonder whether Corden will pursue his directorial career. As Styles stressed in a confessional-style segment of the skit, “I cant stress this enough. This was all James’s idea.”

Though Harry may have wanted to swap the skit out for a "Carpool Karaoke" segment, we’re glad to see Corden making directorial notes, rather than hitting high ones.

Check out the final product below.

Photo via Getty/ CBS