TikTok Star Harrison Gilks Dead at 18

TikTok Star Harrison Gilks Dead at 18

BYPaper MagazineApr 07, 2023

A Canadian teen who documented his "bucket list" experiences on TikTok after being diagnosed with cancer has died.

According to a recent video posted by his brother, Harrison Gilks passed away at the age of 18 on March 30. "He was not in pain when he passed away and he was with his family," as David Gilks said. "I just wanted to come on here and say thank you to everybody around the world for their support and encouragement. It really did mean a lot to him."

In November 2020, Harrison was diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma, which is a rare type of cancer that forms in soft tissue. While there was a period of remission, the TikToker revealed in June 2022 that the cancer had returned, which led to the creation of his "bucket list" series.


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"This isn't the normal type of stuff I post, but found out today, or it was kind of confirmed to me, that I have terminal cancer," he said at the time. "[So] I'm gonna go out and do a bunch of stuff that I've always wanted to do."

Some of his experiences included a helicopter tour of New York City, going gambling at the Casino de Móntreal and sitting fieldside at a Los Angeles Rams game. His most recent trip was to Mexico, where he went parasailing and spent time at a waterpark.


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On March 21, Harrison made a final post explaining that he'd experienced "some complications during the trip" and had been rushed to the hospital.

"I don't know how to say it other than the cancer [has] spread," he said. "I'll be in the hospital for probably the remainder of whatever time I have left, which is obviously very upsetting."

Harrison added, "It's been a great ride with you guys on the bucket list."

Photos via TikTok / @harrisongilks