Practice Safe Sex With Hardeman
Fashion Month

Practice Safe Sex With Hardeman

Story by Jocelyn Silver / Photography by Emily Lipson

Sharpie Doodles

Creative director Sophie Hardeman covered models in her own whimsical sharpie doodles, both on garments and their faces (done in collaboration with makeup artist Allie Smith). The patterns included sexy cartoons, weed leaves, devils, and vintage cell phones.


Hardeman is known for denim, sustainably made, which was shown for spring 2019 (called "Sprung Flung") in several iterations: ruffled shorts, a thong, a corset, in cow print. We especially loved the Canadian tuxedos formed in waves of denim, swirled together to make jeans and jackets.

Nailed It

The Guinness guy has nothing on these long, swirling nails (by Nails by Juan), which were even attached to accessories.

Practice Safe Sex

Safe sex and consent were major themes; garments featured condom-size pockets, and Hardemen even released their own custom-made condoms in collaboration with Say It With a Condom. Models even played with condom balloons!


Hardemen cast a diverse array of gorgeous young faces, including rising models like Seashell Coker and Kyra Bowser.

Photography: Emily Lipson
Makeup: Allie Smith (of Bridge Artists, using Ben Nye Makeup)
Hair: Kat Colosimo (of Luxe Lab using L'Oréal Pro)