Inside Hardeman's Night of Ethical Speed-Dating and Denim

Inside Hardeman's Night of Ethical Speed-Dating and Denim

Genderless, sex positive jean queen Sophie Hardeman understands the intersections of romance and denim. Denim is romance. So, with upcycled pin-stripe pants, overall crop-tops and asymmetrical dresses as an aphrodisiac, the Dutch jean brand Hardeman hosted an all-inclusive speed-dating experience called "A Day in the Feeld" at LA's 50m concept store to unveil their latest collection.

The hands-on launch was a collaboration between Hardeman and non-monogomous dating app Feeld, which is specifically designed for those interested in "polyamory kink, and alternative sexual preferences." Audience-members, as well as performers and models decked out in Hardeman's swirly, sustainable Canadian tuxedos were paired to take a chance on each other.

The night followed from Hardeman and Feeld's value of inclusive, safe love (Hardeman recently made a consent-themed collection, featuring garments with condom-sized pockets). Participants of all genders and sexual identities were encouraged to "be honest with themselves, while being responsible towards others."

Hardeman bills the experience as an exploration of "adolescence, sexuality and... self-love," intended to "collapse the boundaries and blur the lines between love and friendship" and leave participants with "hearts... unbroken and lips... kissed."

Photographer Julia Hovve was there to capture it all — the new collection and the new couples — for PAPER.

Photography: Julia Hovve