Halsey Praised for Photo of Postpartum Stretch Marks

Halsey Praised for Photo of Postpartum Stretch Marks

Fans are commending Halsey for sharing unedited photos of her stretch marks.

Back in July, the star gave birth to Ender Ridley, their first child with partner Alev Aydin. And while they've been sharing some sweet snaps of little Ender since last month, they've now turned the camera on themself to celebrate their postpartum body.

On Sunday, Halsey took to Instagram to share intimate photos of her family, including sweet snaps of the baby nursery and Alev snuggling with Ender.

"Well….this is what it look like," they captioned the series alongside a teddy bear emoji. However, many commenters praised one particular image of their belly, in which you can see their stretch marks above their "Baby" tattoo.

"THANK YOU FOR POSTING YOUR STRETCH MARKS!!!!!," one person said, while another encouraged the singer to "wear those tiger stripes proud mama!!"

Even more heartwarming though was the outpouring of love from soon-to-be parents who told Halsey that her post made them feel a little less anxious about what their postpartum body would look like.

"I love love love that you posted ur cute little stretch marks," as a third commenter wrote. "I'm 31 weeks pregnant and I keep getting paranoid I'll get them and having to remind myself it doesn't matter."

See Halsey's post for yourself, below.

Photo via Getty/ Ryan Pierse