7 Runway Looks Celebrities Should Wear for Halloween

7 Runway Looks Celebrities Should Wear for Halloween

Celebrities have already pulled out all the stops for Halloween last weekend, being the the 31st of October falls on a Thursday this year. But we expect many more famous faces to keep the spooky festivities going this week, maybe even into the weekend! For the diehard fashion lovers, though, perhaps a little runway inspiration would do the trick.

The Spring 2020 collections were full of creepy, freaky, silly, or just plain costume-y looks. From the extra-terrestrial makeup at Gypsy Sport to sexy cowgirls at Laquan Smith, we can see a bevy of our dream celebs rock these runway pieces. Click through the slides below to see seven that made the cut.

Sexy Cowgirl: Kylie Jenner

LaQuan Smith

We know some for some folks, Halloween is just an excuse to look extra sexy. But for Kylie Jenner, this is just part of her brand. This body-hugging dress and Western hat hits all the right notes.

Photos via Imaxtree