Haim Dancing Is Twitter's Favorite New Meme
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Haim Dancing Is Twitter's Favorite New Meme

Haim just unintentionally birthed a brand new meme.

On Friday, the Los Angeles-based group performed at the Boston Calling music festival, where they put their moves centerstage during an extended dance sequence in the middle of their song "I Know Alone."

In a number of fan videos, the trio can be seen twisting, shimmying and whipping their hair around, all while dressed in black pleather pants with matching bra tops, for what was a pretty intense and incredibly in-sync routine. So while dance numbers are nothing new to Haim's onstage performances, this particular performance ended up making quite the impression on Twitter, spurring a glut of memes because of how "robotic and rehearsed" they looked, as one "mesmerized" commenter said.

Similarly, most Twitter users seemed to land somewhere in between awe and amusement, with a number of people calling the Haim sisters everything from "out of control" to avatars "being controlled by 3 wii remotes."

While others decided to create fan edits that overlaid other high-tempo tracks over Haim's dance, such as the Black Eyed Peas' "Boom Boom Pow" and BLACKPINK's "Boombayah."

Not only that, but several more decided to make jokes comparing their performance to the dance scene in Shawn and Marlon Wayans' 2004 hit comedy film White Chicks, a "high school rally" and "me with my cousins choreographing a dance to show our parents."

"my last 3 brain cells," as a commenter wrote, before others quipped that it was giving "House of Trader Joes" and "Aritzia employees when u feed them an almond."

As one Haim fan account pointed out though, the dance is the same one featured in the actual video for "I Know Alone" and "isn't meant to be sexy or cool." Rather, it's supposedly "meant to depict a song." But even that doesn't seem to have staunched the memes and, honestly, we don't really expect them to stop anytime soon.

Photo via Getty / Natasha Moustache / WireImage