Gucci just flooded their Instagram account with a brand new set of audition videos for FW17, and it looks like their next campaign will star... a bunch of dang aliens?! Hashtagged #gucciandbeyond, each video features a different high fashion extra-terrestrial, clad in Milan's finest, reading lines from very corny sci fi scripts ("If I'm correct, this is a Kavordian time portal!"). It's fun! And you know all the editors at the next fashion week are going to be stomping the streets in sea beast's iconic look.

One pet peeve though - how come made up aliens always gotta have names like Zenoba and Xeod? Do you mean to tell me there are no Steves in space?

Watch the campaign videos below, earthling!

Splash image via Gucci/Instagram

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Juno Birch, Alien Superstar

Story by Trish Bendix / Photography by Lia Clay Miller