Go Backstage at Gucci's Most Subdued Collection Yet

Go Backstage at Gucci's Most Subdued Collection Yet

Story by Roytel Montero / Photography by Sonny Vandevelde

For fall 2019 to be one of Gucci's more subdued collections under, creative director, Alessandro Michele says a lot about the fashion house and its recent rebranding. Serving up yet another visual feast under the bright inspection of 120,000 LED bulbs flashing on the runway, the designer wants to make sure you're not missing a single moment. Showing a series of masks that varied from Venetian-inspired to full on metal-spiked contraptions, the collection proved the devil really is in the details.

In this case, thankfully, so was our backstage photographer catching every angle and getting a good look at some notable beauty looks like the row of dried wax tears fixed under models' eyes and some brassy guards that wrapped from the ear all the way over the eye. Get into these backstage photos and weep.

Backstage at Gucci Fall 2019

Photography: Sonny Vandevelde