Gucci Made a Billie Eilish Vinyl Box and Nail Stickers

Gucci Made a Billie Eilish Vinyl Box and Nail Stickers

by Ana Escalante

Besides her impressive catalog of award-winning music, Billie Eilish may be most known for her ornate nails, a staple within the pop-stars fashion image.

As a bonafide Gucci girl — thanks to a constant collaborative friendship with creative rirector Alessandro Michele — the star’s latest endeavor with the Italian house feels very on point. In celebration of the singer’s Grammy-nominated album, Happier Than Ever, Gucci and Eilish have teamed up to present a one-of-a-kind vinyl package complete with collectors items.

A multi-colored disk, composed of plastic scraps from the album’s first vinyl press run, hints at the singer’s sustainable leanings, while a psychedelic pattern covers the limited-edition box. Alongside the physical album are custom Gucci nail-art stickers, highlighting the house’s timeless iconography like bold logos and its signature GG monogram.

The nail art is a cheeky callback to Eilish’s debut Grammy appearance in 2020, where the star was decked out head-to-toe in a slime green Gucci ensemble: from her baggy tracksuit to her acrylic tips. The 19-year-old artist may be one of the brand’s most recognizable advocates alongside Lil Nas X and Lana Del Rey, ushering a revilitzalied sense of edge and Gen-Z cool to a legacy house.

The full Happier Than Ever limited-edition vinyl box set designed by Alessandro Michele, with the corresponding Gucci nail art stickers, is available today at boutiques in cities like Paris, New York, Los Angeles, London, and Berlin with boutiques in Japan and Australia receiving products on December 3.

Photos courtesy of Gucci