Gucci Puts the World In a Blender for Spring 2018 Collection

Gucci Puts the World In a Blender for Spring 2018 Collection

Alessandro Michele can't be pinned down — he hasn't explicitly said that yet, but he may as well have with his latest collection for Gucci. The iconic house's creative director has long been a master of making eclecticism look seamless and cohesive, but this is perhaps best emphasized in the Spring 2018 collection, where virtually no motif or idea was left untouched. Gucci's Instagram page explains how the show's catwalk was based on the Tiber River, with the surrounding statues taking cues from Indian, Aztec, and Egyptian architecture, creating a mini map of the world in Milan. The same could very well be said about the clothes.

While it's impossible to say that the collection isn't cohesive and doesn't flow well together, it's just as difficult to come up with only a few words to describe it. Michele takes cues from 50s mod with pastel double-breasted suits and neon color-blocking, shiny Vegas showgirls with crystal bodysuits in various hues, and even the decadence of Cher and Sir Elton John, performers that the high-shouldered, structured bombers, and pieces decked out with glittered and sequined stitchings call to mind. The mega-sized Bugs Bunny and Snow White emblems plastered across sweaters and vests remind us of Michele's consistent whimsy, something he explored with enlarged patches across literally everything last season.

But perhaps most impressive is the fact that Michele not only manages to retain a sense of Gucci's traditional prints and signature logos, he makes their presence stronger without outdating the collection, incorporating them into blocky belts, graphic tees, and even leather fanny packs. It's perfect timing too, given the fervor over simple designer logos as of late, becoming yet another example of Michele knowing exactly how to solidify Gucci as a mainstay in today's fashion landscape. These are the clothes that everyone wants as normal streetwear — despite looking absolutely nothing like it.

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Photos: Pietro D'aprano / Getty