Watch Grimes Perform 'We Appreciate Power' Live on 'Fallon'

Watch Grimes Perform 'We Appreciate Power' Live on 'Fallon'

Grimes performed her first single in two years, "We Appreciate Power," live on The Tonight Show StarringJimmy Fallon last night. Complete with HANA on guitar and two backup dancers dueling with anime-looking weapons, then getting bored and playing with their phones. Commentary on our troubled times! She wore a black eye mask for the song's duration — even when Jimmy came on stage to thank her.

It's the first time Grimes has performed the new song live, and her elaborate back drop suited its AI propaganda theme. The machines have taken over! She's trying to warn us, guys. Or else simply extend an enthusiastic welcome to our new robo-overlords? Extremely hard to tell what the politics of Grimes are, at this point.

"We Appreciate Power" is the first single from the musician's upcoming album, which doesn't have a name or release date yet, although she did share a track list in progress earlier this year.

Watch the whole performance, below:

Screengrab via YouTube