The scene subculture of the early 2000's — skinny jeans, bright colored clothes, flat fringe-y hair — lost momentum by the time the new decade took hold. But Graham Baldwin, who regularly explores nostalgic movements through his fashion line Graham Tyler, is keen on bringing it back that punk look with the help of another OG scene icon: Gloomy Bear.

The sculptor-turned-designer collaborated with the violent pink bear for his Fall 2021 collection, creating a capsule of 8 pieces including socks, neckties, dress shirts and tops that sell between $18-275. Gloomy Bear's owner, Pity, is made to resemble Graham (with the special touch of his large glasses).

Featuring Gloomy's signature pink colors and blood splatter motifs, the collection is an ode to early alternative and punk movements in America. The lookbook consist of models that represent a wide spectrum of contemporary punk movements, including several former scene kids, in order to jumpstart the "scenecore" look. Graham calls it a "modern nostalgic take on the obsessive resurgence of the Y2K scene era."

See the full collection, below.

Photography: Amy Lombard

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