Goop Has a New DTF Supplement
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Goop Has a New DTF Supplement

Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop has launched a new orgasm-focused product, called DTF — a supplement that "supports women's sexual desire, arousal and mood."

According to an official press release, DTF is about more than sex. "It's not just about sex: It's about supporting our pursuit of more pleasure, more often," Paltrow says. "And yes, we chose to name it DTF. It can be a joke we share."

In case your wondering, yes. This name, DTF, is taken from the phrase, "Down to fuck." A very on-the-nose name for a sex-forward product. But then again, Goop did launch a candle, literally named "This Smells Like My Orgasm," so that makes sense.

She continues, "We're not ashamed to say we wanted help shifting our sex drive into gear. And we also know we're not alone — everyday stress and anxiety, hormonal fluctuations, and fatigue can all impact female libido and sexual health."

Here's how the supplement was made: The NY Post reports that Goop's "science and research team" created the pill to address "common physiological roadblocks to desire," using a recipe of Libifem fenugreek extract that the press release says "is clinically shown to support healthy sexual arousal and desire in women," saffron extract that provides "mood support," and shatavari which is described as a "traditional female health adaptogen."

If that sounds intriguing to you, it's pretty affordable (and also vegan and gluten-free). DTF went on sale on October 4 and you can snag a bottle for just $50 with a subscription — $55 without one. According to the website, clinical studies show that it could take at least eight weeks of daily usage to get started, so it's best to start now instead of waiting.

For more innovative sex-focused products, head on over to the Goop Sex shop where you'll find everything from pillows that make you orgasm to sex journals for couples.

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