Goop Unveiled Their Fancy New Line of Diapers

Goop Unveiled Their Fancy New Line of Diapers

Leave it to the brand that brought you vagina-scented candles and jade sexual wellness eggs to put an excessively fancy and expensive spin on something as unglamorous as a disposable diaper.

The latest offering from Gwyneth Paltrow's wellness brand sees the company putting a very Goop spin on the baby essential with "The Diapér." Making sure that you know it's extra fancy by putting an accent over the "e," Goop's disposable diaper is "lined with virgin alpaca wool and fastened with amber gemstones, known for their ancient emotional-cleansing properties." As if that wasn't luxurious enough for you, the diaper also comes infused with the scent of "jasmine and bergamot" to ensure "a revitalized baby."

Already taking the cake as the most frivolously decadent waste receptacle since the Maruizio Cattelan's solid gold toilet, The Diapér comes with an equally steep price tag of $120 for a pack of 12. Breaking down to a cost of $10 per diaper, Goop's newest product isn't the most economical option, but odds are if your looking for a gem-encrusted, herbal scented way to dispose of your newborn's poop, money probably isn't a big concern to you.

Goop's new luxury diaper rings as particularly ironic, considering the announcement comes on the heels of an article Paltrow wrote for CBS News on "the stresses of motherhood" which addressed the cost of diapers in the US. "I never had to think about the cost of diapers, never once, until recently when my team at Goop brought it up. We were talking about the diaper tax," she wrote. "Despite the absolute necessity of diapers, in 33 states they're taxed like a luxury good. Depending on the state, this sales tax can add between 1.5 and 7 percent to their cost. This makes diapers the fourth highest household expense for many low-income families."

The Diapér is set to go on sale May 12 at 11 AM EST.

Photo courtesy of Goop