GMA Host T.J. Holmes Files For Divorce Amid Affair Scandal

GMA Host T.J. Holmes Files For Divorce Amid Affair Scandal

In what may be one of the more unsurprising developments in the whole messy Good Morning America affair saga, T.J. Holmes has officially filed for divorce from his second wife, Marilee Fiebig.

According to multiple outlets, Holmes filed for divorce from his wife of thirteen years, immigration lawyer Marilee Fiebig, on Wednesday in New York City after having been spotted traveling with co-host Amy Robach at an Atlanta airport over the holiday weekend. Both Holmes and Robach had reportedly been separated from their respective spouses since August as the romantic relationship between the morning show anchors began to heat up.

Holmes and Robach went public with their relationship earlier this month following a series of photos published by the Daily Mail showing the two holding hands, grabbing drinks after work, visiting each others' apartments and spending Thanksgiving together in Upstate New York. The images stoked rumors that the two had been having an affair since they began training for the New York City Half Marathon last year, although sources would later assert that they didn't get serious until after they had separated from their spouses.

ABC would pull the co-hosts off the air shortly after they returned to their gigs, wedding rings notably absent, while headlines continued to mount. Revelations that Holmes previously had affairs with two other GMA staffers resurfaced, including one with producer Natasha Singh. Both had allegedly confided in Robach about the affairs in 2016. Fiebig, who Holmes shares 9-year-old daughter with, was reportedly "devastated" to learn of the relationship, believing that the two were still planning to work through their marital issues.

In all fairness, it wasn't as if there weren't warning signs either. Celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary, Holmes had weirdly gushed about how Fiebig had remained married to him "despite my best efforts" in a 2020 Instagram post. “That’s not hyperbole. I’m not being dramatic. I gave her plenty of reasons, excuses and opportunities to walk her fine a— out of the doooooooor. But instead, with her built-in black woman superpower, she showed a grace and patience that’s incomprehensible.” Holmes would go on to joke that “if she puts up with me another 10 days, I’d be grateful.”

Neither Holmes or Robach have yet to address relationship since going public with no indication from the network when, if ever, we would see the two back in their usual Good Morning America time slot.

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