What We Know About the GMA Cheating Drama

What We Know About the GMA Cheating Drama

As a testament to the adage that reality is often more dramatic than fiction, the internet has been ablaze for days with talk of an alleged affair between Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes — co-anchors of the GMA3: What You Need to Know segment of the morning news program Good Morning America.

It all started last week when Page Six published a report revealing that Robach, 49, and Holmes, 45, had been involved romantically since March when they were training for the New York City Half Marathon. The issue? Both Robach and Holmes have been married to other people — actor Andrew Shue and attorney Marilee Fiebig, respectively — since 2010. Both allegedly separated from their spouses in August.

Adding fuel to the fire, the Daily Mail dropped a series of images of the two cozying up together at a bar for drinks after work, coming and going from one another's apartments, and even taking a romantic vacation in Upstate New York before Thanksgiving. In the photos, taken by paparazzi in the Shawangunk Mountains, Holmes can be seen being affectionate with and caressing Robach.

Earlier in November, Robach had limited comments on her Instagram when users began asking why her wedding ring was missing from recent photos. Since the affair went mainstream, both Robach and Holmes deleted their Instagram accounts altogether.

While the official word at ABC is that producers were shocked to learn of the affair, a source told People that there was plenty of speculation surrounding the pair, whose on-screen chemistry had earned the love of viewers. Yet another source also told People that Robach and Holmes did not begin their relationship until after they had left their spouses.

“There were rumors they were having an affair about a year ago,” said the first source. “A lot of people believed there might have been some truth to it, because you can see there’s a mutual affection there. But everyone ultimately chalked it up to friendship because they always said they were both happily married."

As for the response from the spouses, sources reveal that Holmes' wife Marilee Feibig, with whom he shares a 9-year-old daughter Sabine, is "devastated," believing that she and Holmes were going to work through their marital issues. She has gone private on Instagram. Though Holmes' Instagram is deleted, users have recirculated an old post he wrote about Feibig, thanking her for standing by him despite his giving her many reasons to leave.

"10 years ago, Marilee Fiebig married me and despite my best efforts she remained married to me the past 10 years,” the post began. “That’s not hyperbole. I’m not being dramatic. I gave her plenty of reasons, excuses and opportunities to walk her fine a— out of the doooooooor. But instead, with her built-in black woman superpower, she showed a grace and patience that’s incomprehensible.”

Meanwhile, Robach's husband, Melrose Place alum, Andrew Shue, who was previously photographed with Robach and Holmes as part of their "half marathon posse," has scrubbed all traces of Robach from his social media account.

As more details came to light, it was revealed that this is not the first time Holmes has apparently cheated on his wife. According to yet another Page Six item, multiple sources came forward to allege that Holmes had had an earlier affair with Good Morning America producer Natasha Singh back in 2016. Ironically, Holmes and Singh had confided in Robach specifically about their infidelity.

On Thursday, amidst the internet frenzy, Holmes and Robach both appeared on set to host their usual segments together — acting largely like nothing had happened and even standing close to one another. Both were seen without their wedding rings, but neither acknowledged the affair during the show.

"Who's looking forward to the weekend?" Holmes quipped awkwardly. "Ahhh, me!" Robach replied, to which Holmes added, "Of course we are." Indeed.

Photo via Getty Images / WireImage / Arturo Holmes