New Glossier Alert

New Glossier Alert

Listen up, cool girls. There's a new Glossier product in town — kind of. The minimalist skincare and beauty company has packaged up three bestsellers into The Makeup Kit, which effectively gives customers a $10 discount if they're looking to purchase its Boy Brow brow pomade, Cloud Paint blush, and Lash Slick mascara all at once.

The new kit replaces an old favorite: Glossier's "Phase Two" beauty set, which bundled together Boy Brow, Stretch Concealer, and barely-there lipstick Generation G. The two deleted products are still available separately, either online or in person, if you're willing to navigate those pop up store crowds.

Alongside the rebooted kit, Glossier has also launched a cute $10 pocket mirror, which it cutely bills as a "portable compliment". The millennial pink mirror is emblazoned with the brand's unofficial slogan, "You look good." Obviously. Why do I suddenly have such a strong urge to buy something that my iPhone selfie camera does for free? Damn.

Image via Instagram