Ariana and Givenchy Are Making Tiaras a Thing

Ariana and Givenchy Are Making Tiaras a Thing

Right on-schedule with the '90s and '00s nostalgia wave (that's reviving everything from frosted eye shadow to Baby Phat to Zoe 101) headbands have been making appearances on influencers and fashion girls for months now.

Now, Ariana Grande and Givenchy's #Arivenchy campaign, which launched in July, are raising the stakes with the "Ariana Headband."

The accessory, launching in Givenchy's fall 2019 ready-to-wear collection, is really more of a "modernized tiara" — a three-pronged metal band, set with Swarovski crystals and clusters of large resin pearls. The effect is very Ariel, but make it Gossip Girl.

If anyone can make tiaras a fashion trend in 2019, it's Ari, the music industry's resident Disney princess and theater girl, who built an entire career around wearing her dress-up clothes out of the house. Now, we can all do the same.

Photo courtesy of Givenchy