Giuseppe Zanotti Launches a Sneaker Inspired by Sea Urchins

Giuseppe Zanotti Launches a Sneaker Inspired by Sea Urchins

Giuseppe Zanotti is known for super stylish eye-catching accessories — take the collaboration he did with Christian Cowan for his watch shoes this season, for example. Today Zanotti is launching the Urchin sneaker, a young, urban, playful sneaker with attitude. Think Blade Runner goes to Tokyo.

The shoe features zippers, an homage to the brand's signature hardware, that have the laces worked through them and 3D 'scales' around the base of the shoe. Mr. Zanotti says, "I've always been inspired by the energy and pulse of the city, whether its Tokyo or Shanghai or New York, the common thread is a non-stop dynamism mixed with an independent attitude. The "Urchin" encapsulates that vitality and unorthodox mindset." Perfect for an urban adventure.

The sneaker is available now for $850.

Photo courtesy of Giuseppe Zanotti


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