Giovanna Battaglia Talks About Her Pop-Up Shop at Bergdorf Goodman

Giovanna Battaglia Talks About Her Pop-Up Shop at Bergdorf Goodman

Giovanna Battaglia is one of Italy's most familiar sights, always taking over the magazine pages of W and Vogue Japan and the streets of Milan (and every Fashion Week city) with her killer looks any chance she gets. Now, she's bringing her perfectly pointed yet spunky sense of style and design over to our shores by opening a pop-up shop at the Bergdorf Goodman department store right on 5th Avenue. The style maven took over the iconic Bergdorf windows and filled a space on the third floor with all of her favorite things — including her new fashion coffee table book Gio-Graphy and an exclusive collection of t-shirts with witty catchphrases. We asked Battaglia a few questions about what we can expect walking into the pop-up shop and how she developed such a fiery passion for fashion.

When you were a child did your mother dress you up in wild clothes?

Not really, my mum is really minimal believe it or not.

When did you start dressing yourself?

Around 16. But before that I dressed up my Barbies.

How did you choose the clothes for your pop-up shop at Bergdorf's?

I based the clothing on the my favorite "colors" theme from my book. I selected what I loved the most— the leopard, the sparkle, the red.

Bergdorf's is so New York. You're so Italian but you're also very New York. Do you consider yourself a New Yorker? If so, what made you decide you'd become a New Yorker?

I LOVE NY! I consider myself a VERY Italian New Yorker 😉 I have always wanted to be in NY for as long as I can remember. The energy in this city is unforgettable!

What do you love most about New York?

There are so many things I love that the list would be too long. Firstly, I love the people. It's a melting pot, and I love the work and the fun and the culture. And the fact that if you work hard and are passionate you can make it!

Do you have a casual Friday look?

Yes, a couture gown with a huge train... hehe.

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