Gia Woods Covers Justin Timberlake's Mid-Aughts Anthem

Gia Woods Covers Justin Timberlake's Mid-Aughts Anthem

by Marissa Matozzo

Gia Woods is finishing off her PAPER Pride cover series, "Gia's Songs By Boys" with an acoustic version of "What Goes Around...Comes Around" by Justin Timberlake, the 2006 track all about karma. The queer LA-based singer can be seen again with her acoustic guitar, effortlessly transforming Timberlake's song into her own: "I just can't do without ya/ Tell me, is this fair?" she sings.

Woods is no stranger to writing epic kiss-off tracks herself, like "Ego" and "Hungry" that confront everything from power dynamics in relationships to uncontrollable lust, just as this mid-aughts Timberlake single conveys. "This song honestly reminds me of when I was writing my EP, Cut Season, because it's always a never ending cycle," Woods says.

She continues, "Cut season isn't just one period in time where you assess what you want to be surrounded by and what you want to let go of. It's always going to come back to you, you're always going to have to reassess your life. It's a lesson that I keep coming back to."

After all, Timberlake does sing about a lesson that keeps coming back to him non-stop in "What Goes Around...Comes Around." This relatable, timeless song is perfect for celebrating every kind of relationship during Pride, and especially the ones we learn the most from.

Woods' fourth cover follows a week of queering classic tracks by men, from 112 to MGMT and Green Day. Listen to her take on "What Goes Around...Comes Around," and stream her own solo single, below.


Photography: Jordan Douglas