The Designer Making Teddy Bear Handbags Look Menacing

The Designer Making Teddy Bear Handbags Look Menacing

New York-based designer Gabriela Ostolaza is known for the "conceptual kitsch" themes she showed off during her tenure at HOOD BY AIR and with her own collections like Spring '16's Gaijin 外人 at NYFW, and now she's applied that peculiar sensibility to a line of teddy bear-shaped handbags. Playful with a razor sharp edge, the bags fuse the rose-colored lenses of childhood with the designer's moody sense of "melancholy and menace," she said in a release.

"I am launching this handbag collection as a new medium to further explore my ideas and expand my work," Ostolaza said, referencing work that has also included custom designs for the likes of Lady Gaga, Azealia Banks and Ashley Graham. "Much like my past designs, there is a particular duality in the feelings they exude, at once cheerful and discontent, comforting and uneasy. With this collection I wanted to bring awareness to a cause that is important to me. 3% of each handbag sale will be donated to the National Domestic Violence Hotline."

Check out the bags, below:

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