Wear This Funyuns Pocket Tee With the KFC Bucket Hat

Wear This Funyuns Pocket Tee With the KFC Bucket Hat

Thanks to the innovative (?) minds at Funyuns, having to choose between snacks and fulfilling your daily duties will soon be a thing of the past. The latest food brand to take the plunge into the ruthless dog-eat-dog world of fashion, Funyuns' has thrown their hat into the ring with an update on the classic pocket tee.

By expanding the size of the pocket and moving it from its traditional left-breast placement down to the stomach, the shirt affords you the ability to hold onto a bag of chips while keeping both hands free, positioned in just the right spot for easy access.

The design perhaps subconsciously draws on evolution for inspiration, somewhat resembling a kangaroo's pouch. Less cumbersome than say a chest rig or baby bjorn, Funyuns' pocket tee is the ideal garment for a snacker on the go and manages to merge utility with lighthearted streetwear aesthetics. Styling options include the KFC bucket hat, McDonald's knock-off Balenciaga mules, Croc gloves, and the Cheetos Flamin' Haute couture line.

There's no official word yet on when the pocket tee will be made available to to the public, but eager fans are encouraged to follow Funyuns on Twitter for updates on how to get their hands on this incredibly unique garment.

Photos courtesy of Funyuns