Fans are rallying behind Megan Thee Stallion with the hashtags #FREETHEESTALLION and #FREEMEG. This all began on Sunday afternoon, when Hot Girl Meg retweeted a fan who was tweeting about wanting new music from the rapper. She announced that she would be talking about the issue on an Instagram live session.

During the live session, Meg was emotional as she revealed that she can't release new music because her label 1501 isn't allowing her to until she renegotiates her contract. She then warned new artists to read contracts

"I'm signed to independent labels. I'm not signed to them big-ass labels these other artists are signed to, and they get pushes, and they get placements, and they do all kinds of shit. So anything you see me do is because I woke up and did it that day," she said. "I work for everything that I do. I really be working. And to try and stop me from working is really crazy! All I want to do is make music. All I want to do is put out music."

She then warned up-and-coming artists about the dangers of signing on the dotted line without reviewing documents thoroughly. "To new artists coming out, I just want to say: It might seem good, it might sound good...but you definitely got to read," she said. "Don't sign nothing without no real lawyer, and make sure your lawyers is not the lawyers [of your label.]"

Megan has since tweeted the trending hashtags herself, and has been retweeting fans who are calling for her freedom to release new music again.

I think this tweet just about sums up how we feel about this whole situation:

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